Host Lorraine Hahn tees off with the country’s business executives, government leaders and celebrities at the most beautiful courses in Indonesia.

Host: Lorraine Hahn


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  • Eps.1, Dennis Kloeth

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  •  Eps.2, Arwin Rasyid

    Video [] Eps.2, Arwin Rasyid

  •  Eps.3, Murdaya Poo

    Video [] Eps.3, Murdaya Poo

  •   Eps.4, Mari Pangestu

    Video [] Eps.4, Mari Pangestu

  •  Eps.5, Alistair Speirs

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  •   Eps.6, Suryo Bambang Sulisto

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  •   Eps.7, Sean Flakelar

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  • Eps.8, Sean Carwithen

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  • Eps.9, Steven Morgan

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  • Eps.10,Dave Bass

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  • Eps.11, Michael Tjoajadi

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  • Eps.12, Richard Mau

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  • Eps.13, Takashi Aso

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